Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home Mortgage Grants - How to Get Free House Mortgage Grants?

The U.S economy has been undergoing several ups and downs. The recession along with the other fluctuations have left the home owners stressed and tensed. The stimulus package 2009 announced by the president have somehow added some relief to the lives of these house owners. This plan provides affordability to the owners by providing several options to save their homes. The Federal government also offers various home mortgage grants.

There are several kinds of Home Mortgage Grants available to the owners. These are as follows:

* There are grants that help you get the down payment to buy your own homes. This money needs not be repaid. There are various grants that are offered to the first time home buyer. But for that you must be above 18 years of age, the house must be located in U.S. in addition to these, it must be your principle residence and you must have got it in inheritance or as some gift.

* Apart from new home these home mortgage grants are also available for refinance and modification. You may apply for the free money that helps you pay your debts or any missed payments too.

Eligibility for Home Mortgage Grants

There are certain eligibility conditions set by the Federal Government in order to avail the house mortgage grants. These grants are given after the complete satisfaction that you really need the money. You must check them before applying for any of them. There are some private institutions and non profit foundations that help you get these privileges.

HUD (U.S. Housing and Urban Development) department also helps you avail these home mortgage grants. There are HUD counselors appointed under the Stimulus Package. They guide you at every step without charging any fee. You must take help of these counselors as they can provide you complete information about these privileges.

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