Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home Mortgage Loan Modification - Processes and Procedures

For many mortgage holders who can no longer afford their monthly payments due to setbacks like a job loss, home mortgage loan modification is a solution. It is the way that they use to get back on their feet with a second chance from their lender, so they can start making good on their mortgage payments again like they used to. People who have already fallen behind on their mortgage and who are current but are at serious risk for falling behind in the near future are eligible for a new loan.

Home mortgage loan modification is an agreement between the homeowner and the lender that allows them to revise the loan terms and conditions. The end goal is to get the monthly payment to fall to a realistic percentage of a person's gross monthly income. It's quite obvious if your current payment is 45% of what you make or more, there's no way you can keep it up for long. That's where lenders come in with various home loan modification programs.

There are some specifications about the maximum value of the home, minimum amount of home equity, date of loan origination, and homeowner income level that must be met in order to qualify. But if the criteria for your lending institution are met, you could end up with a new monthly payment on your mortgage.

How do banks adjust the monthly payment amount? Usually through a combination of interest rate reduction and extension on the overall loan term. Though rare, a lender may even choose to forbear some of the principal on the mortgage loan. Through these strategies, you could have the chance to work out an acceptable new payment with the loss mitigation specialist assigned to your case and get your mortgage modified.

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